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Looking for the right company to carry out a tree removal service within your home or premise?

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A tree can be of wonderful benefit to any property, and they bring a serene natural feel to any outdoor space. However there can often be good reason to remove them. We are your local experts for tree removal in Medway and Maidstone.

Perhaps your tree is dead, diseased or rotting, and has become unsafe. Together with the high winds and extreme weather predicted over the coming months, it is sensible to ensure your trees do not pose any risk. Any falling material could cause serious injury to your family, pets or members of the public passing by. Equally at risk to significant and costly damage is your house or car, along with other buildings such as your shed, greenhouse, conservatory or garage. By calling in our expert services trees can be safely removed when they are dead, diseased or rotting allowing you to avoid risks to people and property whilst at the same time improving the aesthetics of your property.  We can provide a full solution to any problem, and Craig Chisholm Tree Surgery has developed over many years the expertise and experience to choose the right techniques and safest solution for any tree removal situation.

 Sometimes a healthy tree can be in the way of proposed house improvements - perhaps you are planning an extension to give you that bit more space or maybe you plan on adding a conservatory to your property to make the most of the sunshine? Any tree in the way of such improvements can be removed safely by us to release the space you need. Often larger trees will have extremely wide-spread root systems which can cause major structural damage to driveways, patios and house foundations. Using the latest professional techniques we can ensure the tree is fully removed first time and that no roots are left to re-grow later, which might otherwise give you further problems and more expense if left in place.

Perhaps there is a smaller tree which you need removed? Maybe there is a fruit tree which no longer bears fruit in your garden and you could use the space for other projects or plants? Perhaps a tree was planted by a previous owner of the property and it has got out of control and is now blocking the flow of natural light into your or your neighbours’ house? Maybe you have plans to develop your garden but they are being hampered by unwanted smaller trees? Whatever the size of the tree we can make sure it is safely removed once and for all, and that the ground is left in great condition for you to use for your new project.

From Oak, Birch and Elm to Cherry, Conifer and Apple we have vast experience of removing all types of tree from the biggest to the smallest. It can be a dangerous and difficult procedure to dismantle and remove a tree of any size, but we have the experience of many years of working with many different types of tree and in all sorts of confined spaces and conditions. Our proven track record means that we can always deliver the best solution to your problem first time. Before we begin each job we always consider the safest and most efficient method of works for each occasion and we then use our experience and expertise to arrive at the most practical and systematic way of removing the tree in question. This way we can make use of the most appropriate professional technique in each instance to ensure that we achieve the best result each time for each of our customers.