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Tree Reduction Service In Medway & Maidstone That You Can Trust

Trees over grow quickly but we can offer a professional solution which will get your trees back in shape

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Similar in some respects to crown-lifting and pruning techniques, we also offer a full tree reduction service in Medway and Maidstone. The difference with tree reductions is that it thins out a whole tree, so that each branch is pruned to reduce its length and some are cut right back to the trunk. The overall effect is that the total density of branches and foliage of the whole tree is reduced all over, rather than just in specific locations.

Often a tree needs to be reduced in density because it has become too large for its setting and so has become a danger to people and property in and around it. It might be that the property has been altered or extended and so a tree is too large for its new setting in context with the property or garden in general. Often it is the case that a tree will simply become so large that it becomes at real risk of falling down or being damaged should adverse weather conditions such as high winds or storms occur. In this instance it is more appropriate and safer to simply reduce the whole tree in size rather than thinning out certain sections. This way we can reduce the risk of the tree being damaged itself, and we can also help to mitigate damage to surrounding trees and structures.

Successful tree reductions require a specialist skill-set and it takes many years of practice to perfect the art and achieve a subtle and great looking result. Here at Craig Chisholm Tree Surgery we have the extensive experience and skills to utilise the correct techniques to enable us to produce a great looking finished tree. This means a tree will retain the feeling of its original natural look, but will simply have a less-dense canopy. This helps a tree to retain its original character along with its place in the overall aesthetic of its setting. We will work with you to come to decision about how heavily reduced the tree should be, and address all of the specific concerns you may have. We always try to keep the original character of the tree in mind as we work, so that the end result gives the customer exactly what they want. As always, Craig Chisholm Tree Surgery is committed to providing the best possible solution to each problem. We always do the work in the safest possible way with the best possible equipment and techniques.