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Professional Tree Pruning Covering All Of Medway & Maidstone

Pruning of branches will maintain your tree and allow it to lead a healthy vibrant life.

We offer a complete, professional pruning service, call us now for a free quote on 01634 420018

For pruning services in Medway and Maidstone Craig Chisholm Tree Surgery is the expert choice. The pruning of branches can make a huge difference to the visual impact of a tree or group of trees. It involves selecting very precisely small amounts of specific branches or small areas of the tree and removing the chosen amount of branch and foliage to achieve the desired result. We are able to offer a complete pruning service for all types of tree. Sometimes a branch is out of keeping with the aesthetic of the rest of the tree and so looks untidy. It will look much more suited to its surroundings once this is pruned out. If you have several trees in one area they can be pruned to give the whole group a more unified visual impact.

Whatever your pruning requirements, we have the specialist equipment, training and expertise to carry out this type of work, which can be very dangerous without the correct equipment and training.  The use of hoists and climbing techniques which prevent damage to the tree is a speciality and these allow us to safely reach and prune a given branch safely, accurately and efficiently.  We always fully discuss your requirements with you and use our extensive knowledge and experience to advise which branches should be pruned and how much they should be reduced by.

The advantage of pruning over tree trimming is that it allows you to change or improve the way a tree or group of trees look in your garden in the short term without removing whole branches and having a long-term permanent impact on a tree, visually and structurally. Often an older property might have a number of large trees which can cause problems for access to the property both for vehicles and for the general maintenance of the property. Pruning can be used to allow better access for vehicles without having to remove the tree altogether which means you can retain the striking visual presence and historical natural value of the tree whilst at the same time accepting that a property needs to be accessible to vehicles and pedestrians. We also often use pruning of trees to allow more natural light into a given area because of its minimal permanent impact on the tree as the pruning will usually only remove a small percentage of a branch and foliage and leave little lasting damage.

We can also use pruning techniques to change the look of an area of your garden, perhaps to neaten it up, or to allow you to use a group of trees in an architectural fashion by removing the lower branches to shape and slim them all down. At Craig Chisholm Tree Surgery we always use the safest pruning methods and most accurate techniques and tools to ensure your tree stays safe and healthy.