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Complete Stump Removal In Medway & Maidstone

Lost a tree recently and the stump remains? Or maybe you’ve inherited a stump within your garden.

No need to fear we can remove that for you right away, call us now for a free quote on 01634 420018

Tree stumps can be left in place for years after the partial removal of a tree. This can happen for a number of reasons. At one time they were seen as fashionable decorative features of a garden and so were left to form a natural raised planter or sometimes simply left bare. Another reason is that at some stage perhaps the majority of the tree was removed but the stump was too difficult or too costly to remove and so was left in place. It is also possible that the rest of the tree was dead or diseased and so it was easily removed or fell down due to strong wind, but the stump was left because it was very difficult to remove without the proper specialist knowledge and techniques. Tree stumps can also be unsafe and are very dangerous trip hazards, especially if you have children playing in the garden and unwanted tree stumps can also be a real pain when mowing the lawn or when planning a new project for the design of your garden. We have also removed a number of unwanted tree stumps recently from the front gardens of properties where clients have wanted to lay driveways or paving but were unable to shift the stump to allow them access to undertake the work.

Perhaps the main danger with leaving unwanted tree stumps in the ground is that, even though the rest of the tree has been removed, they can lay dormant and can suddenly start growing again at any time. This is a real problem because you face all the issues which lead to the tree being removed in the first place, but this time you will not know there is another problem until the roots begin to cause expensive structural damage to your properties’ foundations, external walls, driveways, outbuildings or paths. However help is at hand. Full and permanent stump removal in Medway and Maidstone is a speciality at Craig Chisholm Tree Surgery.

Regardless of size, condition or location we can remove your unwanted tree stump. Our specialist stump-grinder is the perfect machinery for the job and it makes short work of grinding away any trace of the unwanted tree stump.  Our expert operatives can move the portable machine to any location, even if there is no direct access to the area in question. They simply pick up the machine and carry it to the location, which means we can remove an unwanted stump in your back garden or from parts of your property with no easy or direct access from the road. We will remove the entire unwanted tree stump, including all of the roots, with our specialist stump grinder and  once the job is finished we always thoroughly clear away all the chippings and stump debris. We pride ourselves on clearing away any evidence of our work to ensure we give you back a perfectly useable piece of your garden which can then be filled and will be as good as new.