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Tree Removal in Medway & Maidstone

Hedge/Tree Trimming in Medway & Maidstone

Tree Pruning in Medway & Maidstone

Stump Removal in Medway & Maidstone

Tree Reductions in Medway & Maidstone

Tree Trimming in Medway | Hedge Trimming in Maidstone

Professional Tree Trimming & Hedge Trimming In Medway & Maidstone

Have you got a hedge or a tree that you would like to have professionally trimmed back?

It’s amazing at how fast they can grow isn’t it, call us now for a free quote on 01634 420018

Hedge / Tree Trimming –

The neatness of the hedges in your garden can make all the difference to its feel and overall appearance throughout the seasons. When maintained and managed professionally, hedges can be majestic in their own right or they can provide the perfect neat and tidy backdrop against which other plants and flowers can shine. Alternatively they can be styled creatively to stunning effect and become a real talking point. They can make all the difference to the appearance of your property and gardens. As one of our most popular services we offer a full range of trimming options to hedges of any variety, length and shape. Our expertise with hedge trimming is second to none and we are able to prune, snip and trim your hedges to your exact specifications and requirements using both modern and traditional techniques.

Whether you want perfect symmetry and even finish, a creative topiary centre-piece or just a neat and well-groomed traditional hedge we have the experience to make it happen. Perhaps your hedge is in need of repair and maintenance? At Craig Chisholm Tree Surgery we have the knowledge and skills to breathe new life into ragged hedgerows. We can help hedges recover, fill gaps, replace sections past their best and generally nurse them back to health ready for them to become full and firm or curvaceous and captivating.

Trimming hedges can be hard, time-consuming work and sadly it isn’t always possible for everyone to undertake physical work of this nature. This is where we come in. We can trim your hedges using expert knowledge, experience and tools and leave them looking better than ever. We pride ourselves on the neat and tidy way in which we leave each hedge we work on so you can enjoy your garden once more, without using up hours of precious spare time and without all the back-ache.

Tree Trimming-

For expert tree trimming in Medway and Maidstone look no further than Craig Chisholm Tree Surgery. We are able to bring you a full package of tree trimming services which will help to make your trees safer, neater and more attractive. We have tackled all types of trees over the years, trimming the biggest and the smallest. Our experience-lead approach means that you will receive the best possible service for your requirements and we are able to offer you expert advice on which areas to trim and which to leave, taking into consideration what your required end result will be for the look of the tree.

If reduced natural light is a problem in your garden, Craig Chisholm Tree Surgery can offer you special crown-lifting and tree branch reduction services. Crown-lifting is the selective trimming of lower branches to lift the canopy higher up the tree, thus enabling more natural light to come through the tree’s canopy. This process will also neaten the appearance of a tree and will make a huge difference to the garden below. As well as allowing you to enjoy the additional natural light in your garden, crown-lifting brings the added benefit that you will be able to grow more and varied plant species below, or it could give your lawn a chance to re-generate and recover if it has become patchy under the previously lower, darker canopy. Tree branch reduction has the same effect as crown-lifting but we can selectively choose key branches for removal from the whole tree which will thin out the tree and balance it aesthetically, again making the tree’s appearance neater and more controlled.